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Pida prestados libros electrónicos, audiolibros y vídeos en tiempo real de su biblioteca utilizando OverDrive en su dispositivo Android. Más de 40.000 bibliotecas en todo el mundo ofrecen títulos de OverDrive, así que descarga la aplicación y encuentra tu próximo libro hoy mismo.

Descargar OverDrive

Cuando piensas en las bibliotecas públicas, ¿qué te viene a la mente? Tal vez recuerdos de los días que usted solía ir allí cuando era niño, o quizás imágenes de montones y montones de libros viejos y mohosos. Cualquiera que sea la imagen, supongo que no ves a la antigua institución como un recurso para los libros electrónicos.

Según la Asociación Americana de Bibliotecas, más del 90 por ciento de las bibliotecas de Estados Unidos ahora prestan libros electrónicos, y esta semana he estado probando un servicio que permite a los lectores sacar libros digitales de su biblioteca local, directamente en el dispositivo de su elección. Se llama OverDrive, y es gratis. Todo lo que necesitas es una tarjeta de la biblioteca.

OverDrive proporciona acceso a unas 16.000 bibliotecas y 10.000 bibliotecas escolares en los EE.UU. Además de los libros electrónicos, el servicio también le permite tomar prestados audiolibros y videos en streaming. En general, me gustó, y pienso seguir usándolo, ya que comprar libros -físicos o digitales- resulta costoso. También ofrece una selección más amplia de títulos en comparación con los servicios de suscripción de libros electrónicos de pago como Oyster y Scribd, y no le limita a un préstamo por mes como Amazon Prime lo hace para los usuarios de Kindle.

Dicho esto, el uso de OverDrive puede a veces poner a prueba su paciencia, no sólo porque puede haber una espera para sacar un libro, sino también porque la navegación y el rendimiento general de la aplicación puede ser lento y poco intuitivo. La compañía dice que está trabajando para mejorar esto último.

OverDrive gratis

OverDrive is available in multiple ways and platforms, and requires you to register for an account. You can simply go to the website, or you can download one of the dedicated applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Kindle, Nook, Mac or Windows. For my tests, I mainly used the iPhone and iPad apps, but I also tested the Web, Android and Kindle versions.

Once installed, the first thing you need to do is add your local library. You can do this by swiping your finger on the left side of the screen or by touching the three bars in the top left corner and selecting “Add a library” from the full menu of options. You can search by name, city or zip code, or browse through a list of libraries. And if you are a member of more than one regional branch, repeat the process.

I entered the name of my local branch and quickly subscribed to San Francisco’s public library system. But I had a problem searching by city. After entering “Oakland, CA” in the search field, I was surprised when OverDrive returned with no results. Instead, I had to use the “Find Libraries” route and go through several pages and lists before I stumbled across an Oakland branch. Interestingly, this was only a problem in the standalone applications and not on the website.

After talking to the company, we realized that the city search method only works if you enter the city, not the city and state. But even then, that poses a problem, because OverDrive does not return results based on your current location. So when I walked into “Berkeley,” she showed me all the libraries with the Berkeley name associated with it, including some in South Carolina, New Jersey, and England. An OverDrive spokesman said he would point out the problem to the product team.

Fortunately, finding books is easier. You can search for e-books by title, author or ISBN number, if you know it. Alternatively, if you’re just in the mood to browse, you can search by different categories, such as most popular, fiction, nonfiction, mystery or romance. However, I found that these pages can be slow to load.

Because public libraries work with the five major publishers (Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin, Random House, and Simon & Schuster), you’ll find many of today’s most popular and best-selling books available through OverDrive.

Earlier this week, I did a quick search of the top 10 best-selling fiction in the New York Times, and OverDrive had eight of the titles. In contrast, Oyster and Scribd – two e-book subscription services that allow you to read as many books as you want for about $10 a month, but only work with a couple of the big publishers – had none. So did Amazon’s new e-book subscription service, Kindle Unlimited.

But whether or not the books are available for an immediate OverDrive loan is another question. Like physical books, there are only a certain number of digital copies available at the public library, so you may have to wait. In the case of the aforementioned New York Times bestsellers, all eight were reviewed.

You can put a book on hold, and OverDrive will send you an email when it becomes available. The borrowing period for eBooks is determined by your public library system, not by OverDrive. At the time of expiration, the book is deleted from your account; if it is available for renewal, OverDrive will give you the option to do so within three days of expiration.

Puedes descargar la app en el siguiente enlace.

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